Department Lead: Vered Rabinovitch

Tzamal’s orthopedic department consists of 5 fields:

Plates and screws necessary for hand and foot surgery.
Distal radius, elbow surgery and nailing to large bones.
Bone substitutes.
Pulse lavage (sterile and disposable lavage and suction kits).

Equipment and implants for knee and hip replacement surgery.
Equipment and implants for ankle replacement surgery.

Sports medicine 
Arthroscopic surgery equipment and implants for shoulder, 
Knee and Hip sports injuries.
Arthroscopic towers with HD camera, screen, pump, light source and documentation system.
Shaver system
Hand stretch tower
Shoulder replacement equipment and implants
Tendon implantation

JOIMAX – Dedicated endoscopic system for minimally invasive spinal surgery (MIS)
PMT – Braces + HALOVEST (post cervical spine surgery bracing system)
Implants – CSPACE + COFLEX for cervical and lumbar fixation
Bone substitutes

Power Tools For hand and foot, trauma, maxillofacial, ankle and shoulder joint replacement surgery