Cardiology and Cardio Vascular Surgery

Department Lead: Etti Riven

Tzamal’s Cardiovascular department consists of 5 fields:

Cardiac catheterization – Stents, Balloons, Special catheters for complex PCI, Cardiac pump, Large bore closure devices and more.

Neuroradiology catheterization equipment – Mechanical thrombectomy, Coils, Carotid stents and more.

Peripheral catheterization equipment – Stents ,Balloons, Mechanical thrombectomy , Large bore closure devices ,Dialysis catheters and more.

Vascular Surgery
Stent graft for aortic aneurisms, Vascular surgery instruments, Sutures and more.

Cardiac Surgery
Heart surgery instruments, ECMO devices, Artificial heart, Cardiac pump and more.

Monitors for hemodynamic patient control in the ICU and OR’s, Brain saturation and more.