Business Profile

Tzamal Medical Innovative Solutions Division – through its wholly owned subsidiaries TZAMAL Jakobshon Ltd. & Tzamal 2B Ltd. – is a leading distributor of durable, implantable and disposable innovative devices and equipment in Israel. This medical Innovative Solutions Divisions was the initial platform for the group’s later expansion into complementary healthcare activities in marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and laboratory fine chemicals, as of now still represent the largest operational division within the Group.

The division continuously and intensively search and identify breakthrough medical devices and processes which address unmet clinical needs, and introduce them into hospital operating rooms and beyond in the domestic market.

Over the past three decades, the division has developed  and maintained strategic relationship & collaborations with leading international medical devices manufacturers who share similar business vision of developing and introducing new advanced surgical tools, implants and other devices which improve operating methodologies and practices resulting in quicker, safer and better cure of people in serious medical conditions.