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Our Divisions


Neurosurgical implants and equipment – Shunts, catheters, adhesives, dural substitutes, craniotomy (perforators, scalp clips, neuro patties, suction, neurosurgical equipment, Mayfield).
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Capital Equipment

Our Capital Equipment division, we serve our customers with a wide range of product and technologies.
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Tzamal’s orthopedic department consists of 5 fields: Trauma, Joints, Sports medicine, Spine, Power Tools
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Surgical Instruments,CSSD Supply & Ophthalmology

Surgical Instruments for general surgery, orthopedic, cardiovascular, gynecological, spinal, urological, proctologic, maxillofacial (dental) and ophthalmological surgery.
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General and Minimal Invasive Surgery

Extensive range of products for abdominal surgery in the field of general surgery, gynecology, urology and more, including minimally invasive surgery in various fields.
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Tzamal's Cardiovascular department consists of 5 fields: Cardiology, Neuroradiology, Angio, Vascular Surgery, Heart Surgery, ICU
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Tzamal Medical Group

The Group’s strategic aspiration is to always be at the forefront of the healthcare industry, handling and distributing advanced & innovative durable, implantable and disposable products.

With a motto slogan of ”Patient is our Care” the Company strives serving home and hospitalized patients first and foremost.